Cos'è il Modal/Micromodal? - MOOD

What is Modal/Micromodal?

Modal / micromodal , originally patented by the Austrian Lenzing, is an artificial fiber* derived from beech wood fibers. Soft, resistant and hypoallergenic, it is a valid alternative to cotton.

* attention, artificial fiber does not mean synthetic. Artificial fibers are produced in the laboratory but can have, as in the case of modal, natural origin, synthetic fibers derive from substances derived from petroleum.

Characteristics of this fiber derived from cellulose are:

resistance : despite being very thin (up to 40 times thinner than a hair) these fibers are stronger than cotton and do not fray

durability : they keep their color better and are visually more solid and brilliant

softness : extremely smooth and soft to the touch, modal retains less limescale than other fibers during washing, thus retaining its natural softness

breathability : modal is about 50% more hygroscopic than cotton, for the same volume, therefore it absorbs body perspiration better

these characteristics make it the ideal fabric for the production of underwear.

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