Cos'è il Rayon?

What is Rayon?

Rayon was discovered by the French engineer Hilaire De Chardennet as a cheaper alternative to silk, subsequently perfected by the Englishmen Charles Frederick Cross, Edward John Bevan and Clayton Beadle who patented the methodology by bringing this fiber onto the market for the first time, in 1905.

It is an artificial fiber* derived from cellulose. Aesthetically and to the touch, it closely resembles silk, in terms of sheen and thickness.

* attention, artificial fiber does not mean synthetic. Artificial fibers are produced in the laboratory but have natural origins (as in the case of cellulose Rayon), synthetic fibers derive from substances derived from petroleum.

The rayon manufacturing process was very polluting and harmful to humans. In the 90s of the last century an innovative production process was developed for the production of an eco-compatible fabric, as the carbon disulphide and caustic soda (previously used) are replaced with non-polluting solvents.

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